Functionality, safety, long span and performance are the keys to our success. Each day we strive towards our most important goal: increasing quality standards in the field of emergency while at the same time meeting the expectations of those who are working in front line of emergency.

In Spencer quality is not an optional. To design the future, we need to understand the present. Progress means never being satisfied, always thinking of ways to be even better and at the same time a good dose of courage. This is the reason why we invest every year more than 12% of our turnover in Research and Development. Putting energy and resources into our innovative projects is our way of answering the needs of tomorrow.

10G & 20G: Total Safety

Research, projects, prototypes, testing. For years now Spencer has constantly worked to develop new, safe and reliable products which set the standards of quality on the market. As by the specifications for emergency vehicles and their equipment and medical device by the UNI EN 1789:2007 and UNI EN 1865:1999 Spencer today offers a wide range of products tested and certified 10G

But as is our tradition – Spencer looks beyond that. Today we are the only manufacturer in the world able to offer our clients products tested and certified 20G. All components for the 20G products have been designed to offer maximum safety to both patient and rescuer thanks to the use of materials with high technological value in terms of both strength and weight (manganese and aluminium); materials that have renowned tradition in the world of aeronautics.

Spencer Back support

Spencer has studied, designed and built a specific range of new generation devices born with the precise intention of assuring comfort and total safety to the operator.

The innovative Spencer Back support technology has been developed to help operators avoid the problems (lumbar pain, stress pain etc.) associated with the procedures of moving and transporting weights which often have to be carried out in unfavourable ergonomic positions and in difficult working conditions.

The Spencer Back support products are the fruit of years of commitment to design and production of devices capable of offering major performance with minor impact on operators.